Field Visit to the target region-Kolkheti National Park


On 21 st of May field visit to Kolkheti National Park was conducted with the Project Coordinator of International Business and Economic Development Center, David Tsiskaridze and Project Junior Expert Guranda Makharadze. Meeting was accompanied with the head of the protected area and colleagues working in it. Introductory consultation between the staff and project coordinators took place in the office. Aim of the meeting was to present the Invasive Alien Species(IAS) surveys specification and developing monitoring methodology. Joint approach for implementing the Invasive Alien Species(IAS) monitoring should be arranged. Matching of several (including Ukrainian template) methodologies was discussed during the meeting. Each topic step by step was scanned by the meeting attendants. Besides, the work strategy and schedule for the future collaboration/activities was planned.


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After the office meeting, journey around Kolkheti National Park was held through the Lake Paliastomi and Pechora River. Expert from the National Park introduced invasive plant species (False indigo-bush - Amorpha fruticosa) spread alongside the river. Tendency of distribution is an ongoing process in a quickly manner causing the serious threat to the local ecosystem. At the end of the meeting arrangement on the further collaboration and starting the monitoring process was agreed.


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