1. “Audit and Consulting Resource Center” LLC (ACRC)- Consulting;
2. “Business Consulting, Accounting and Audit” LLC (BCAA)-Consulting;
3. “D&L Audit and Consulting” LLC-Consulting;
4. “Tax lawyer” Ltd-Consulting;
5. “Georgian Tea” Corporation;
6. ”VT Georgia” LLC-Tourism, logistic and transportation service sector;
7. “Geo Magic Tour” LLC-Tourism agency;
8. “Edelwaisi 2009” Ltd-Hotel;
9. “Universali” LLC-Publishing;
10. “Universal Print” LLC-Publishing;
11. “Roto Printi” Ltd-Printing materials;
12. “Information Technologies&Solutions” Ltd-ICT
13. “Geo Rent” LLC-Construction rental;
14. “Interclinics” LLC-Medicine clinics;
15. “Center of International Certification” LLC-Certification, training center;
16. “Tbilisi Teaching University” LLC-Education
17. “Private School “Polus” LLC-Education;
18. Private Kindergarden “Happy House” Ltd-Education;
19. “Tetri” Ltd-Real Estate;
20. “Argo-96” Ltd-Commercial Company.

Our Award


Our project on: "Implementation Waste Management Policies in EaP countries(Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine) according to Association Agreement" was awarded special prize as one of the best project in the framework of Re-Granting 2016 in 8th EaP CSF Annual Assembly 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. The project was implemented by Consortium: Lead Partner-National Environmental Center (NEC), Moldova; Partners: International Business and Economic Development Center (IBEDC), Georgia; and Good Deeds, Ukraine.