N(N)LE International Business and Economic Development Center-IBEDC is Non-Entrepreneurial and Non-Commercial Legal Entity. It was founded 2010 in Tbilisi, Georgia. IBEDC is one of the emerging Business Support Organization, BSO in Georgia. The member of Civil Society National Platform of Eastern Partnership of Georgia and member of Working Group 2 “Economic Integration and Convergence with EU Policies” of Civil Society Forum of Eastern Partnership. The Organization has been coordinator of 3-rd working group (Energy Security and Environment Protection) of EaP platform in Georgia for 2013-14. IBEDC is member of “Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition(EPAC)” in 2016. EPAC was created within the G4G, USAID civil society capacity building program. EPAC supports the development of a business-friendly policy environment through inclusive public-private dialogue. Recently, IBEDC is became member of EU-Georgia Civil Society Platform.

Motto: To be Active, Proactive, creative and lead strong leadership

Slogan: We will do our best to be very efficient in those areas where it needs most of our engagement.

IBEDC set the new approaches related mission, vision, strategic goals:

Mission Statement:

IBEDC’s mission is direct the effort to protect common interest of  the Business Community with aiming to improve Business environment and climate of competitiveness in Georgia.


IBEDC is Business Support organization in promoting International Cooperation and partner for all stakeholders: Business, Civil Society, Government officials, Decision-Makers and the global community.

Strategic Goals:

Forming positive international image of Georgia;

Creating favorable business climate and sustainable development and prosperity.

The one of main aims of IBEDC is to encourage Business sector and Entrepreneurship in Georgia. The organization assists and advises its members on all questions relating to setting up and doing business in Georgia and abroad, through building business links, solving market access difficulties and overcoming regulatory obstacles. IBEDC also provides its members with information on investment related regulations and can assist with liaison between the Government of Georgia, International Institutions and Organizations, EU Member States.

Main pillars of the activities of International Business and Economic Development Center are:

• Preparation and Implementation of economic, business and social protection projects targeted at social-economic development;

• International and regional cooperation for the promotion of improving economics, Business environment and Entrepreneurship;

• Participation in legislative initiatives, advocacy and recommendations for improvement at the parliament of Georgia;

• Support and advocacy of rights of entrepreneurs and Tax payers in Georgia;

• Market research and outcomes analysis;

• Environment protection, climate change and energy security;

• Promoting transparency of Extractive Industry and Energy Transit Revenue in Georgia;

Our Award


Our project on: "Implementation Waste Management Policies in EaP countries(Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine) according to Association Agreement" was awarded special prize as one of the best project in the framework of Re-Granting 2016 in 8th EaP CSF Annual Assembly 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. The project was implemented by Consortium: Lead Partner-National Environmental Center (NEC), Moldova; Partners: International Business and Economic Development Center (IBEDC), Georgia; and Good Deeds, Ukraine.

Our Partners